5.11 Zero - G Plates

After four years of testing and development 5.11® is proud to announce the release of our Zero-G Plates, a revolutionary new modular load bearing system that dramatically increases the efficiency and comfort of your duty belt. Engineered to complement the body's natural structure, 5.11 Zero-G Plates™ distribute weight evenly across the hips and down the femur, minimizing pressure against the spine and abdominal muscles while providing a stable and secure platform for all your gear. Crafted from low-profile non-reflective carbon fiber, 5.11 Zero-G Plates are tough, durable, lightweight, and integrate easily into your existing Sierra Bravo Duty Belt while providing a clean and professional appearance.

5.11 exclusive modular load bearing system
Amazingly comfortable, thoroughly professional
Promotes proper posture and reduces fatigue
Works directly with our Sierra Bravo Duty Belt 59505
Crafted from lightweight carbon fiber
Overmolded for comfort
Inner hook sided panel adheres to liner belt
Compatible with your existing keepers
Zero-G Plate Intructions