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Frogman Project Navy Diver Prep Course

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Our focus for NDP is to build strength endurance while teaching you to recover smarter and avoid injuries. You will gain physical and mental toughness that will carry over to any sport or combat role.


Based on real world experiences and tested extensively, NDP has proven it’s effectiveness dozens of times. Exposing you to certain tasks you may face in a diving selection test, following this program will give you a huge advantage over anyone without this unique training program.

What’s required of you?

To be an amphibious operator you must have an adaptive mind. You will be moving large loads over long distances quickly. You must retain information under fatigue at any moment. You will be mobile, be strong, be fit, understand gameday may never happen but most importantly be ready to go at any moment. You will be put through navigation drills, tested under fatigue, practice long yomps and water drills.

Baseline requirements

  • 2.4km run in less than 12 minutes
  • 30 x sit ups perfect form
  • 8 x strict pull ups perfect form
  • 25 x push ups perfect form
  • 8 x dips at body weight
  • Water experience
  • Done pack march or willing to learn
  • In good health and able to perform functional movements correctly and injury free
  • Around Operator level within TFL. If not we recommend starting on TFL first

    What equipment do I need access to?
    • Rope for climbing 5 m
    • Barbell & weight plates
    • Access to pool or ocean
    • Pull Up bar
    • Skipping rope
    • Pair of Fins
    • Pair of rings
    • Dumbbells
    • Rucksack or Weight vest
    • Bands
    • Kettlebell
    • Jerry cans
    • Foam roller

      What do I get?

      NDP is a 12 week digital program with the last week being test week, we call it ‘selection week’. Selection week is a hybrid for any Navy Diver / Water Unit and would be suitable for most countries.

      Throughout the program we scatter our Pro Tips written by Navy Clearance Divers on pack set up, nutrition, recovery, or anything else that will dramatically increase your performance. These are golden nuggets that are often overlooked and will make big impacts in your performance.

      As a member of The Frogman Project you will gain access to an overflow of support and encouragement from a community of people training for the tactical environment – our members describe it as a camaraderie. You will be part of a private Facebook group of people just like you. Our team of coaches are always on hand to answer questions and offer advice. Social support can mean everything. When you want to quit or skip a workout, our members will keep pushing you.

      Navy Diver Prep 2.0

      Change is inevitable and we must reconfigure to the ever expanding requirements to perform within the tactical environment. Due to new selection protocols within the Navy Clearance Diving branch our coaching team have been working hard to cater for these new standards. The by product is a well rounded comprehensive training plan based on our old program.