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Sio14 | CoffeeChar™ thermal Compression Top | Black/Grey



The Men's thermal Stay Warm Coffee Charcoal Long Sleeve Compression Top (SiO14) was designed to primarily focus on the compression of the wrist through the shoulder. The design of the top allows for full range of upper arm and core movements.

The SiO14 is enhanced with our Coffee Charcoal fabric to ensure comfort and warmth for the athlete in cold and harsh weather conditions. The Coffee Charcoal performance fabric, acts as a natural heating element to the body.

The heat trap design, combined with the Coffee Charcoal infused yarn, has been tested to increase the body's surface temperature up to 5 Deg C.

The SiO14 can be used alone or in combination with outerwear in harsh or cold weather conditions. The ultra-moisture wicking feature, keeps the athlete dry while performing extreme training exercises.

The SiO14 has been designed to fit true to size.

Light weight, bulk down, warm up.

// Benefits

  • Engineered for the high endurance athlete
  • COFFEECHAR infused STAY WARM fabric
  • Can be worn in combination with outerwear or alone
  • Ultra-moisture wicking
  • Ideal for colder climates
  • Reduces inflammation and decreases pain
  • Improves circulation through an advanced technology compression pattern
  • Targeted Compression

// Garment Care

  • Liquid soap only
  • Machine wash cold with like colors
  • Do not machine dry HANG DRY ONLY


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