Nitecore - GM02

The Nitecore GM02 gun mount will accept any flashlight with a 1" (25.4mm) body.
Easily attach the GM02 to any Picatinny rail designed to slot over the rail rather than sliding on.
Precision machinedf rom aircraft grade aluminium alloy and hard anodized for durability and maximum wear resistance.

Suits NITECORE Models:
Precise Series: P10, P12 Pocket Rocket, P15, P16, P20, P20UV, P25 Smilodon
Explorer Series: EC20, EC25 Cobra
Multi task Hybrid Series: MH10, MH12, MH25 Night Blade, MH40 Thor, MH2C
Multi task Series: MT2C , MT25, MT26, MT40, MT40GT,
Smartring Tactical Series: SRT6 & SRT7
Chameleon Series: CR6, CG6, CB6, Ci6, CU6