ONETIGRIS FIRE WATCHER Dog Harness 2.0 - Multicam

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Why Choose OneTigris FIRE WATCHER 2.0?

The FIRE WATCHER is a 1TG classic but it has gone through many upgrades in fit and structure so it wouldn’t look like the pup’s “wearing a t-shirt after losing too much weight”. A lot of our users also asked for metal buckles while some didn’t want the extra weight from heavy duty hardware. We took 99% of the feedback over the years into account, and came up with the FIRE WATCHER 2.0 that now has a heavy duty double metal buckle version.

The FIRE WATCHER 2.0 comes in an upgraded structure with improvements on hardware and stitchwork, thanks to the feedback from our fans and users, and now offers a double metal buckle version for those who prefer the feel and extra strength. Featuring a front chest piece that’s ergonomic and doesn’t hinder movement, rows of looped webbing for you to attach morale patches and MOLLE pouches, and a handy top grab handle with stainless steel D-rings to effectively control your dog. Show K9 power to the max with this awesome piece of kit.

OneTigris FIRE WATCHER K9 Harness 2.0

l 1000D Nylon construction for durability and extra dirt/water/abrasion resistance

l Double heavy-duty 1TG metal buckles (optional) at the front chest strap for enhanced material strength and security

l Buckled-bellyband-design that’s easy to strap on and to remove after use

l MOLLE compatible for add-ons such as treat totes and poop bag holders

l Stainless steel leash attachment point at the front chest for effective canine control and no-pull training

l Top handle with a firm grip for maneuvering your pup away from trouble when needed

l Patch panels at the front, top and two sides for all your badass patches

l Reinforced stitching with strength-tested UTX-Duraflex® quick-release rear buckles for bracing your beast

l Unique X-bungee design for extra tactical style and keeping patches in place

l Soft and breathable mesh lining for extra comfort and good airflow

l Light, soft padded, holds up nice and strong but also easy to dry, ideal for trainings and outings

l Upgraded structure after thorough testing to ensure a good fit and maximized comfort


  1. Always measure your dog before making a purchase!
  2. Adjust the straps for dogs with narrow neck/mid sections so they don’t easily slip out of the harness when pulling backwards.
  3. OneTigris harnesses are NOT designed to bear heavy weights and we advise against relying solely on the grab handles to carry your dog.
  4. When loading up pouches for a dog harness or pack, for most dogs, 10% to 12% of their body weight is a good starting point for loading up dog packs. This would be 5-6lb for a 50lb dog, or 2.5-3kg for a 25kg dog. Of course, the right amount depends on a number of factors, such as your dog's breed, physical fitness, and energy level.
  5. Take heed that it is against the law to misrepresent your pet as a service dog and violators are subject to prosecution.


Material: 1000D Nylon, 1TG Metal Buckles, UTX-Duraflex® Buckles, Stainless Steel D-rings 

Sizing Info:

-Size XS Neck Girth 11”-17”/28cm-43cm; Chest Girth 15”-22”/38cm-56cm; Back Length 7”/18cm, Chest Piece Dimensions 8”(L)*2”(W)/20cm*5cm
-Size S Neck Girth 14”-20”/34cm-51cm; Chest Girth 20”-27”/51cm-69cm; Back Length 8”/20cm, Chest Piece Dimensions 9”(L)*2.2”(W)/23cm*5.6cm
-Size M Neck Girth 16”-23”/40cm-58cm; Chest Girth 24”-32”/60cm-81cm; Back Length 10”/25cm; Chest Piece Dimensions 11”(L)*2.4”(W)/28cm*6cm
-Size L Neck Girth 18”-25”/45cm-63cm; Chest Girth 27”-36”/68cm-91cm; Back Length 11”/28cm; Chest Piece Dimensions 12”(L)*2.8”(W)/30cm*7cm
-Size XL Neck Girth 20”-29”/51cm-74cm; Chest Girth 31”-40”/79cm-102cm; Back Length 13”/33cm; Chest Piece Dimensions 14”(L)*3”(W)/35cm*7.6cm   

Patch Panel Size:

-Size XS Side Panels 4.5”*3.”/11cm*7cm; Top Panel 5.5*1.5”/14cm*4cm
-Size S Side Panels 4.5”*3.”/11cm*7cm; Top Panel 6*1.5”/15cm*4cm
-Size M Side Panels 6”*3”/15cm*7cm; Top Panel 7”*2”/18cm*5cm  
-Size L Side Panels 6”*3”/15cm*7cm; Top Panel 8”*2”/20cm*5cm  
-Size XL Side Panels 7.5”*3”/19cm*7cm; Top Panel 10”*3”/25cm*7cm   

Pull Strength (UTX-Duraflex Buckles Version):
-Size S/M UTX-Duraflex® Buckle 121lb/55kg; Front Chest D-ring 264lb/120kg; Top D-ring 440lb/200kg
-Size L/XL UTX-Duraflex® Buckle 143lb/65kg; Front Chest D-ring 440lb/200kg; Top D-ring 440lb/200kg 

Pull Strength (1TG Metal+UTX Duraflex Buckle Version):
-Size S/M 1TG Metal Buckle 397lb/180kg; UTX Duraflex® Buckle 121lb/55kg; Front Chest D-ring 264lb/120kg; Top D-ring 440lb/200kg
-Size L/XL 1TG Metal Buckle 485lb/220kg; UTX Duraflex® Buckle 143lb/65kg; D-rings 440lb/200kg

Product Weight (UTX-Duraflex Buckles Version): Size S 11oz/313g; Size M 12oz/322g; Size L 16oz/465g, Size XL 19.4oz/550g

Product Weight (1TG Metal+UTX Duraflex Buckles Version): Size S 11.3oz/320g; Size M 13.7oz/390g; Size L 19oz/540g; Size XL 21.8oz/620g