Virus Mens Stay Warm 1/2 Zip Mock Neck


The Men's Stay Warm Coffee Charcoal 1/2 Zip Mock Neck (Sio13) is a long-sleeve, reflective 1/2 zip mock neck that delivers a tailored fit and best accommodates full-range of motion activities.

The Men's Stay Warm Coffee Charcoal 1/2 Zip Mock Neck is enhanced with our Coffee Charcoal fabric, which has been engineered to help the athlete stay warm, dry and comfortable in frigid climates.

This performance fabric acts as a natural heating element with an ultra-moisture wicking design that keeps the athlete dry. The Coffee Charcoal is infused with a heat trap weaved yarn, that has been used to increase surface temperatures up to 5 Deg C.

This piece is best used alone or in combination with outerwear containing moisture-wicking technology.

Light weight, bulk down, warm up.


  • Engineered for the high endurance athlete
  • COFFEECHAR infused STAY WARM fabric
  • Can be worn in combination with outerwear or alone
  • Reflective Zipper and Ink for low visibility environments
  • Thumbholes and Mock neck for added comfort and coverage
  • Ultra-moisture wicking
  • Ideal for colder climates