EAu10 | BioCeramic™ ELITE LIFTING Compression Pants | Black

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The ELITE pant is a high compression, power lifting product.  For general recover pant please choose the EAu7 Pant.

The ELITE Series pant was developed by the VIRUS ELITE athletic team to create a precise compression pattern that targets the calf and quad area with knee reinforcement using our highest concentrated BIOCERAMIC fabric. Made for and rigorously tested in heavy weight training, outdoor endurance and repeated conditioning where quick recovery times are essential to multi day performances.

This product is dedicated to all the ELITE athletes that helped make this pant a reality and allow VIRUS to support the passion that defines you.

Engineered for endurance and recovery. BIOCERAMIC technology based on a proprietary fabric infused with natural compounds that emit Far Infra-red into the body producing many health benefits. Benefits include improved circulation, repair and regeneration of tissues, and increased immunity.

Pant construction has been engineered for and best used in endurance activities and post workout. Developed with a technically advanced compression pattern that focuses compression on entire leg back to core. Offers good knee protection from the elements and full leg compression. Heavy-duty construction and biomechanical patterning keep you going longer and back quicker. Use alone or in combination with outwear.

// Benefits

  • Engineered for the high endurance athlete
  • Helps to repair and regenerate tissues
  • Combats fatigue
  • Targeted compression
  • BIOCERAMIC infused core to increase endurance
  • QUICK DRY properties to wick away unwanted moisture and sweat
  • Reduces inflammation and decreases pain
  • Improves circulation through an advanced technology compression pattern

// Garment Care

  • Liquid soap only
  • Machine wash cold with like colors
  • Do not machine dry HANG DRY ONLY

It's OK, if you order the incorrect size please send them back with a note of the size you require and we will re-send the new size immediately.