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    TacSource Blog

    7 Best-Selling Products Under $50!

    With Xmas around the corner it's never too early to get ahead on holiday shopping. To make it easy for you we will bring you a list of top 7 items under certain amounts. Today it's our top 7 under $50!

    We've checked our top sellers under our retail and online categories, and while some items like our TacSource AUS Fitness Tee has stood the test of time and remained in our top 5 overall bestsellers, plenty of other products have come into and dropped out of the lists. The below are our overall best 7 in terms of time available and sales!

    7. TacSource x Frogman Project Collaboration Tank

    One of our newest items that is flying off the shelves at the moment. We have teamed up with Frogman Project to bring you their fitness programs designed to prepare you for life in the ADF and maintain operational readiness!

    Shop here:


    TacSource X Frogman Project Tank

    6. 1 Litre Flask

    The 1 Litre Flask is BPA free , food safe, dishwasher save and freezer safe. As we head into summer this is ideal for training outside, day outings, military use and and type of bush walk. A must have!

    Shop here:

    Platatac 1 Litre Flask

    5. 5.11 H2O Carrier

    Staying hydrated is crucial to maintaining peak performance. Paired perfectly with the 1 Litre Flask, the 5.11 H2O Carrier is MOLLE compatible and is offered in 3 different colourways.

    Shop here:

    5.11 H2O Carrier

    4. Platatac SCIP Holder

    A constant in the top selling items the SCIP holder is ideal for bank cards, business card, security notebooks and base admin requirements.

    Shop here:

    Platatac SCIP Holder

    3. Champion Vapor Heather Tee

    The newest products in our range and offered as an affordable alternative, Champion's fastest drying Performance Tee works on so many levels to keep you cool and comfortable. It's definitely one of the most comfortable tees we have worn while training!

    Shop here:


    Champion Vapor Heather Tee

    2. 5.11 Flag Bearer Cap

    Offered in 5 different colours and arguably one of the most comfortable caps in our range the 5.11 Flag Bearer Caps are a great addition to any cap collection. Popular with outdoor enthusiasts, security, military and undercover police. 

    Shop here (Multicam):

    Shop here (Solid colours):

    5.11 Flag Bearer Cap

    1. TacSource AUS Fitness Tee

    A constant on any top 5 list the TacSource AUS Fitness Tee comes in at number 1. A comfortable masterpiece with subtle graphics makes this ideal for casual or training wear (the AUS Flag makes it even better!). The tee will be featuring a new look on the 13th November with our updated logo moved to the left side of the tee.

    Shop here:
    TacSource AUS Fitness Tee
    Heading into the holiday frenzy period these items will surely be an ideal gift for anyone! Next post we'll bring you our top 7 between $50 and $100! 

    Find out what TacSource Founder Alex Labels as his Favourite Hero WOD.

    We asked TacSource Founder Alex what his favourite Hero WOD is and it's probably not what you think!

    1. Most people would say 'Murph' however, I have a feeling that won't be your choice?

    While most people would say 'Murph' I will move from the norm and have to say 'Whitten'. On paper it doesn't look too bad although, ask your CrossFIt coach and he may deliver some discouraging news! I remember my local CF Box listed this workout with a 45 or 50min time cap - which usually means no one will finish it in time!

    *For those who don't know what Whitten consists of:

    5 Rounds

    • 22 x Kettlebell Swings
    • 22 x Box Jumps
    • 400m Run
    • 22 x Burpees
    • 22 x Wall Balls

    2. Are these movements what you like?

    Not because these movements are what I like but these movements as a workout, challenge me the most! If you get your breathing right the kettlebell swings and run are where you'll catch your breath however, the remaining movements hammer the legs. It has probably been the closest I have come to bringing up my lunch in the last couple of months!

    3. Have you completed this with a Tec Tec Vest?

    No! Main reason, and trust me on this one, is kettlebell swings plus a Tac Tec Vest don't work well together (unless you don't fancy the inside of your biceps).

    4. How do you approach Whitten?

    Like all long WODs I aim to start at a comfortable pace and continue that pace throughout although, as we all know, around the 3rd round you're probably thinking "were my elbows locked out on the kettlebell swings", "did I reach full extension on the box jump", "was my squat deep enough on the wall balls" (either I think this or someone is shouting it). One thing to remember while completing any WOD - your body is resilient! Your mind will tell it to quit 10,000 times and your body will always rise to the challenge

    5.  What is does your Whitten workout gear consist of?

    At the moment any workout consists of WPN Onyx shorts. They are by far (and this isn't a sales spill) the MOST comfortable shorts I have had to train in. All other shorts are collecting cobwebs at the moment.

    Footwear are TacSource Socks (trialling at the moment and will be available for purchase soon) and Nike Metcons. Tops - sticking with TS tank tops.

    6. When is the next time you will be completing Whitten

    I would say on TacSource's next birthday bash! All staff will have to complete Whitten on that day - we may even invite others along!



    Army Captain Dan Whitten, 28, of Grimes, Iowa, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, based out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina, died February 2, 2010, when enemy forces in Zabul, Afghanistan, attacked his vehicle with an improvised explosive device. Whitten is survived by his wife, Starr Whitten, his mother, Jill Whitten, his father, Dan Whitten, and his sister, U.S. Army Captain Sarah Whitten.

    Everyone Hates Wall Balls, But Here Are 4 Reasons We Love Them!

    What are wall balls? Summed up, they are the best exercise you're not doing or the worst exercise you're doing. Whether you're doing them or not, we'll explain why we love them!

    How do you do a wall ball? 

    First you'll need to grab a medicine ball - usually 9kg for men and 6kg for women - however, you can adjust to suit your needs or fitness level. Once you have the ball and wall sorted raise the ball to your chest, perform a full squat (thighs at least parallel with the floor) and push up through your heels maintaining momentum until you release the ball above your head to hit the 3m mark. Catch the ball on it's way down and perform a full squat and repeat! Simple yes? NO!

    The whole body take a hit while you're performing your wall ball WOD! On the squat, the calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes then on the throw section your chest, arms, back and shoulders cop a beating. All this is happening while your core is activated also.

    Matt Reilly CrossFit


    1. They work your entire body

    As stated above, your whole body cops a beating while performing a wall ball. Since wall balls are essentially a squat and a push press, you work a total of 11 muscles while performing them.

    2. They improve your overall conditioning

    If you're looking to improve your VO2 max, increase endurance or get into shape quick then doing wall balls often will improve your performance faster than you think

    3. They make you functionally fit

    Functional exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by stimulating common movements you might do at home, at work or during sports. While using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, functional fitness exercises also emphasise core stability.

    4. They increase overall explosiveness and power

    When you're at the bottom of the squat looking up at where you're medicine ball has to hit, 124 wall balls into your WOD, fatigue has set in, the only way you get the ball to that mark is through an explosive, powerful movement.

    Laken Watt CrossFit


    Need the gear to do them? Below is what we recommend

    WPN Onyx Shorts - When you're at the bottom of the squat you need a comfortable pair that moves with the shape of your body. In our opinion, nothing beats these shorts during any workout - Click here

    TacSource AUS Fitness Tee - Our best selling tee the TacSource AUS Fitness Tee is designed for performance and features a comfortable cotton polyester fabric - Click here

    LEGIT - The Most Comfortable Training Shorts I Have EVER Worn!! (WPN Onyx Shorts)

    This isn't only an attention grabbing headline...this is the truth!! By far, these are the most comfortable shorts I have worn during a WOD. Not only are they the most comfortable, they feel like they'll last a lifetime! Let me introduce to you the WPN Wear Onyx Shorts - I am not over exaggerating, these are comfortable!!!

    The guys at WPN Wear have designed a range of men's fitness wear around three main components - the earths environment, their manufacturing staff and you, the customer. They wanted to stand out and not follow traditional fitness brands which has resulted in quality, ethical apparel focused around science and comfort. Specification such as odour control, moisture wicking, focus on garment stress points and the most important - COMFORT!

    My first encounter when the WPN Onyx Shorts arrived into our warehouse was that they didn't seem flimsy. Some might say that they don't want to invest $79.90 on a pair of shorts you're going to sweat in for an hour but let me tell you, good quality gear while working out is a necessity! Items that don't hinder movements are essential if you want to perform at your peak and all of the gear WPN Wear produce do just that (along with a whole list of other important features that you simply won't find in other a lot of other fitness wear brands).  

    WPN Wear Onyx Shorts

    I first wore the WPN Onyx Shorts about a month ago during a standard 5.11 Weight Vest workout - MURPH. The shorts while running - perfect! The shorts while squatting - perfect! I couldn't fault them. They feature a lot of that other shorts don't offer such as:

    FLEX ZONES: purpose built durable fabrics that are specially positioned in areas that require maximum mobility to give you added comfort and a fit that moves with you.

    DRI-SHIELD: High quality breathable fabric with moisture management and odour preventing properties for ultimate comfort.

    STRETH: 4 way comfort stretch 

    EXTRAS: hidden phone pockets, athletic fit, secret zip pocket for change or keys.

    WPN Onyx Shorts

    The WPN Onyx shorts are also great for those warmer summer days spent at the beach or by the pool!


    I couldn't be happier with the WPN Onyx Shorts - a pair that can compete with ANY in the market. We understand that the price may be up their however, rest assured, you are purchasing an innovative, great wearing product that will last and last! 

    Shop WON Wear Onyx Shorts --> click here

    WPN Wear Onyx Shorts are great paired with any pair of ODD Sox - View all ODD Sox Socks --> click here


    One Training Shoe For Any Terrain - 5.11 ABR Trainer!

    We have seen a rise in the amount of people heading outdoors for their WOD's and similarly, CrossFit boxes and gyms scheduling outdoor WOD's. As the weather starts to heat up (let's face it, a session is always better when the sun is hitting your face) we wanted to review a few trainers however, we had a look at the revised 5.11 ABR Trainers and thought we'd stick to the one! 

    5.11 ABR Trainers

    First things first, the 5.11 ABR Trainers are built for tough!! Though they may not look great but they will outlast many shoes in this category. The break in time is a little longer than standard (up to 5 sessions) however come up great and are extremely comfortable once they have been moulded to your feet.

    Featuring a semi aggressive sole and cushioned midsole, we feel the ABR Trainer is more outdoor friendly than your traditional CrossFit shoe but more gym friendly than your dedicated runner with its stretch mesh upper. The trainers didn't feel as clunky as some "CrossFit" shoes while running on the road and I feel they performed the best while trail running. The sole is great for explosive movements and a reinforced heel, which was not a feature on the original RECON Trainers, is a great upgrade!

    Would I wear these during a heavy squat or deadlift? Probably not. With an 8mm heel-to-toe drop and cushioning it's not stable enough for me although, I/you are probably wearing specialty shoes for these exercises anyway.

    5.11 ABR Trainers

    Conclusion: Although I wouldn't wear these during Olympic lifts, the cushioned feel, durable construction, Rope Ready inner and welded, stretch mesh upper make this a great choice for WOD's, general gym workouts and road/trail running. If I was an OCR guy than this would be my go to for workouts! The 5.11 ABR Trainer is available at Tactical Source for only $139.90. Check them out here --> ABR

    You can also complete your workout look with our new range of ODD Sox Socks! Check them out here --> ODD