Backpack too Big? Hydration Pack too Small? Enter the Platatac Bullock Echo Pack Mk II

When a backpack is too big and a hydration pack too small, our go to bag is the Platatac Bullock Echo Pack MkII!

The Platatac Bullock Echo MkII weighs in at about 1kg and is made of 500/1000 Denier Nylon and has a volume of 10 litres. The Bullock pack comes without straps which enables it to be attached to armour or, straps are an additional cost and transforms the pack into a daypack or mini assault pack.


The main compartment (sized 360mm (H) x 200mm (W) x 115mm (D)) features a hydration sleeve with a velcro strap to hold the pack upright and a removable mesh valuables pocket which is an addition to the previous version of the pack. The zip on the main compartment doesn't run down the entire length of the compartment however, stops half way. This has its pros and cons as you have less of a chance of losing items however, when the compartment is fully load it does get a little cramped finding things (this being said, there are plenty of compartments on this pack to organise your gear without having to search the bottom of the pack). Two side utility pouch pockets also feature 3 rows and 2 columns of MOLLE on the outside. These pockets are handy for almost anything! I keep my drink in one and torch, Leatherman and compass in the other. Once again, these pockets don't zip all the way to the bottom - it offers less of a possibility of spilling your items if you forget to zip the pockets up. The fixed ballistic helmet carrier (which is great for jackets and apparel also) features an external zippered pocket for easy access to items.

Platatac Bullock Echo Pack MkII

Main Body

The external of the Platatac Bullock Echo MkII Pack features full MOLLE for extra attachments, an updated reinforce drag/carry handle and as stated above, a ballistic helmet carrier. The back features lightweight, extra durable Helium Whisper fabric which allows you to carry extra weight in the pack (which is also watertight so if your hydration bladder pops you wont end up with a wet back). Plenty of drainage grommets on the Platatac Bullock Pack so you're not worrying about leakage staying in. The front of the pack also has a velcro section for nametags, IFF, morale patches etc!

Platatac Bullock Echo Pack MkII

Platatac Bullock Echo MkII


For short assignments, day excursions - the perfect pack!

You can shop the Platatac Bullock Echo Pack MKII here!

Platatac Bullock Echo MkII

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