REVIEW: Tasmanian Tiger Small Medic Pack MK II

REVIEW: Tasmanian Tiger Small Medic Pack MK II

As one of the most trustworthy, premium suppliers of professional military and police equipment, Tasmanian Tiger makes products you can count on—one of them most certainly being the Small Medic Pack MKII. All of Tasmanian Tiger’s gear is produced at the highest quality imaginable and battle-tested to ensure durability. Many tactical gear manufacturers source out the production of their products, Tasmanian Tiger, on the other hand, prides themselves for their craftsmanship and produces all of their own products. On the Small Medic Pack MKII, users can expect to find stitching and materials of the highest grade and a pack that has been tested in every conceivable environment. Quality is something you will not have to question when it comes to this pack. 

Tasmanian Tiger Small Medic Pack MkII

The 3-liter capacity hip bag, designed for medical gear, has an LP MOLLE system which is laser cut on both the front and sides. There are also detachable shoulder straps that can be stored in the hook-and-loop closure pouch on the back of the bag when not in use. The pack can also be attached to a vest or belt equipment carrying system. Being small and flat, the pack is intelligently designed with a clearly laid-out interior and internal variable fixation points to store the user’s medical equipment, as well as parallel zippers for quick access.

 Tasmanian Tiger Small Medic Pack MKII

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the 26 x 15 x 12cm (10 x 6 x 5in) bag also has fixation for scissors or other tools. As far as the material goes, the Tasmanian Tiger Smal Medic Pack MKII is made with CORDURA® 700 den, a 100% polyamide that combines high durability and high tear resistance. Every one of Tasmanian Tiger’s products is checked before it leaves production then given a serial number stored in the company’s database. If you’re on the lookout for small medic pack with longevity and practicality you can count on—this is it.

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