REVIEW: Under Armour Valsetz RTS Tactical Boot

REVIEW: Under Armour Valsetz RTS Tactical Boot

We're obsessed with boots here and were a little skeptical of the Valsetz RTS from Under Armour when we were planning our upcoming reviews. We would usually look at boots with some sort of leather component as the Valsetz RTS are a completely synthetic boot. Traditionally know for their fitness wear, Under Armour also offer a Tactical (and hunting) range of apparel which like their fitness range, is absolute quality.

Combining traditional tactical with a sports outdoor look, the Under Armour Valsetz look sleek and fast without moving too far from the professional look.

Although these come with a range of advantages the three we think stand out are - comfort, support and resistance against weather!

Under Armour Valsetz RTS Tactical Boot

Extremely Comfortable

Most tactical boots are a bit stiff and uncomfortable, even after breaking them in however, the Valsetz feel comfortable, light and give the running shoe feel to a tactical boot. The boot also contours and moves with the shape of your foot giving you excellent stability and without sacrificing comfort.

What we loved is the micro vented nylon around the boot which enables you to literally feel a breeze through your foot on a windy day. Despite the breathability of these your foot remains dry in wet weather. They also dry super quick and drain water out in a short time.

Although these are labelled boots, they feel like running shoes, are more comfortable then some running shoes and climbing obstacles, running and patrols feel that much better in a pair of these!

Under Armour Valsetz RTS Tactical Boot


Under Armour almost feel like they have designed a shoe that pampers your foot. Under Armour ClutchFit ankle support system wraps around your ankle and feels like a second skin. Lightweight but incredibly supportive. Ultralight Micro G EVA Midsole offers all day support and welded PU film surrounds the perimeter of the boot for abrasion resistance.

Resistance Against the Elements

Although the Valsetz RTS are not a winter boot, we have found them to stand up to cold weather and even offer some warmth. Although they are not waterproof (as a running/sport boot you can't expect waterproof properties), the water resistance is above average. 

The sole of the boots has great traction without slowing you down or adding extra weight. Couldn't fault the boots here!

Comfort in hot humid weather 10/10!!!

Under Armour Valsetz RTS Tactical Boot

There is no confusion in this point. They look awesome. People seem to love these boots whether or not liking the features.

You can view and purchase the Under Armour Valsetz RTS Tactical Boot here


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