5.11 Tactical APEX Pants - What's the fuss?

Whats all the fuss about the 5.11 Tactical APEX Pants? 5.11 Tactical, in our opinion, have reinvented the tactical pant with the APEX Pants, which takes comfort, durability and covert features to a whole new level.

Working with top operators 5.11 Tactical designed the APEX pant to satisfy a hole in their pant line, and also the tactical market, for a low profile pant with full tactical features. A lot of this pant was designed from feedback of the 5.11 Tactical Stryke Pant. The Stryke Pant, a more cargo orientated pant, is the best selling 5.11 pant however, when the need to be covert arises, something screams 'military', 'police', 'undercover' when it comes to cargo pants. This is the reason the 5.11 APEX Pants have been such a hit!

A few truths about the manufacturing process of the APEX Pant;

  • 63 different pieces 
  • 66 different machines 
  • 226 people touching the pant during creation

A great feature of the APEX pants is the new cargo pockets that bellow inside the pant and can carry quite a bit of gear. For covert use the 5.11 APEX Pants feature a flex cuff pocket inside the front waist and a handcuff key pocket inside the rear waist. As always the pants are teflon treated which is great for when you spill coffee on them (my work polos rarely make it through this catastrophic event). The latter part of the garment is made of Flex-Tac Canvas.  This is like the original Flex-Tac Ripstop on the 5.11 Tactical Stryke Pant, with a canvas-like finish. It rivals real canvas when it comes to abrasion and tear resistance. 

Conclusion - the benefit of gathering input from top tier operators has really shown in the 5.11 APEX Pants! The feedback we get from customers is that the APEX pants are great for just about anything from covert wear, casual wear and even a game of golf!

Shop the 5.11 Tactical APEX Pants here --> https://goo.gl/Vj3NPf


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