A Tactical, Low Profile Pant with Female Flair and Styling - 5.11 Cirrus Pant!

The 5.11 Tactical Ridgeline Pants have been a huge success due to their low profile and tactical features. The best thing about them is that there is a female version - enter the 5.11 Women's Cirrus Pant.

5.11 Tactical Cirrus Pants

5.11 have removed the cargo pockets making the 5.11 Cirrus Pants are a low profile pant that are great for not only tactical or range use but also everyday wear and in the office. Although the cargo pockets have been removed 5.11 have substituted these with double front and double back pockets sized to fit a cell phone and magazines.

The 5.11 Cirrus Pants are made from the ever comfortable two way stretch fabric (Flex-Tac) which are a perfect blend of fit, comfort and durability.

A few user reviews:

"They have enough flex in the thighs, hips and calfs to make them comfortable enough to wear at work or casually." Rachael - via 511tactical.com

"I really like the double front and back pockets on each side. I don't feel like I'm sacrificing "storage" in wearing these over the ones with the cargo pockets." Rhiannon via 511tactical.com

"These are absolutely my new favourite pants; I can wear them to work, look professional, and not worry about wrecking them when I'm doing the manual labor parts of my job." Chelsea via 511tactical.com

Conclusion: Even if you're not going to use these for law enforcement/tactical use you should still check them out as they are a nicely styled pair of pants and can easily be styled up or down. Tehy're our best selling female pants for a reason!

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5.11 Tactical Cirrus Pants

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