LEGIT - The Most Comfortable Training Shorts I Have EVER Worn!! (WPN Onyx Shorts)

This isn't only an attention grabbing headline...this is the truth!! By far, these are the most comfortable shorts I have worn during a WOD. Not only are they the most comfortable, they feel like they'll last a lifetime! Let me introduce to you the WPN Wear Onyx Shorts - I am not over exaggerating, these are comfortable!!!

The guys at WPN Wear have designed a range of men's fitness wear around three main components - the earths environment, their manufacturing staff and you, the customer. They wanted to stand out and not follow traditional fitness brands which has resulted in quality, ethical apparel focused around science and comfort. Specification such as odour control, moisture wicking, focus on garment stress points and the most important - COMFORT!

My first encounter when the WPN Onyx Shorts arrived into our warehouse was that they didn't seem flimsy. Some might say that they don't want to invest $79.90 on a pair of shorts you're going to sweat in for an hour but let me tell you, good quality gear while working out is a necessity! Items that don't hinder movements are essential if you want to perform at your peak and all of the gear WPN Wear produce do just that (along with a whole list of other important features that you simply won't find in other a lot of other fitness wear brands).  

WPN Wear Onyx Shorts

I first wore the WPN Onyx Shorts about a month ago during a standard 5.11 Weight Vest workout - MURPH. The shorts while running - perfect! The shorts while squatting - perfect! I couldn't fault them. They feature a lot of that other shorts don't offer such as:

FLEX ZONES: purpose built durable fabrics that are specially positioned in areas that require maximum mobility to give you added comfort and a fit that moves with you.

DRI-SHIELD: High quality breathable fabric with moisture management and odour preventing properties for ultimate comfort.

STRETH: 4 way comfort stretch 

EXTRAS: hidden phone pockets, athletic fit, secret zip pocket for change or keys.

WPN Onyx Shorts

The WPN Onyx shorts are also great for those warmer summer days spent at the beach or by the pool!


I couldn't be happier with the WPN Onyx Shorts - a pair that can compete with ANY in the market. We understand that the price may be up their however, rest assured, you are purchasing an innovative, great wearing product that will last and last! 

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