One Training Shoe For Any Terrain - 5.11 ABR Trainer!

We have seen a rise in the amount of people heading outdoors for their WOD's and similarly, CrossFit boxes and gyms scheduling outdoor WOD's. As the weather starts to heat up (let's face it, a session is always better when the sun is hitting your face) we wanted to review a few trainers however, we had a look at the revised 5.11 ABR Trainers and thought we'd stick to the one! 

5.11 ABR Trainers

First things first, the 5.11 ABR Trainers are built for tough!! Though they may not look great but they will outlast many shoes in this category. The break in time is a little longer than standard (up to 5 sessions) however come up great and are extremely comfortable once they have been moulded to your feet.

Featuring a semi aggressive sole and cushioned midsole, we feel the ABR Trainer is more outdoor friendly than your traditional CrossFit shoe but more gym friendly than your dedicated runner with its stretch mesh upper. The trainers didn't feel as clunky as some "CrossFit" shoes while running on the road and I feel they performed the best while trail running. The sole is great for explosive movements and a reinforced heel, which was not a feature on the original RECON Trainers, is a great upgrade!

Would I wear these during a heavy squat or deadlift? Probably not. With an 8mm heel-to-toe drop and cushioning it's not stable enough for me although, I/you are probably wearing specialty shoes for these exercises anyway.

5.11 ABR Trainers

Conclusion: Although I wouldn't wear these during Olympic lifts, the cushioned feel, durable construction, Rope Ready inner and welded, stretch mesh upper make this a great choice for WOD's, general gym workouts and road/trail running. If I was an OCR guy than this would be my go to for workouts! The 5.11 ABR Trainer is available at Tactical Source for only $139.90. Check them out here --> ABR

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