Introducing LOF Defence!

We are proud to announce that Tactical Source has been appointed exclusive distributor of LOF Defence products in Australia and New Zealand.

What started as a High School science fair project over 13 years ago has grown in a company with the most advanced and capable body armour and carrier systems available.
Darren Schulte, LOF Defence founder, was facing failing 9th grade, His science teacher assigned him a science fair project for extra credit and getting an ‘A’ on the assignment would mean the difference in moving ahead to the 10th grade or staying behind. Darren created a load bearing vest out of old backpacks and that project took him to provincials and then the national science fair where he met some Canadian Forces Members who were impressed with Darren’s project and suggested he try creating better body armour.
In the following years High School Science Fair projects took him to the national level several times, won design and engineering awards and eventually brought him to work with the Canadian National Research Council for his work with armour and ballistics.

Now 14 years later LOF Defence is a full fledged defence company that has worked with Special Operations Command, Special Weapons and Tactics Units as well as general duty Police and Military units around the world.

LOF Defence Utility Pouch
LOF Defence produces a full line of hard and soft body armour with multi-hit capabilities that go beyond survivability. Textile products include carrier systems utilize technologies that reduce back-face trauma, increase operator comfort, regulate body temperature and are adaptable and field-repairable. LOF also produces a full line of pouches, belts and tactical gear accessories.

LOF Defence Double Mag Pouch
We consult with and test all our products with active duty operators, law enforcement and military personnel to create gear that solves problems for the user in real world scenarios. Our goal is to protect those in the Line of Fire with superior armour and carrier systems that increase safety, mobility, comfort and performance while being longer lasting, more durable, modular and repairable.

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