Mindset for Fitness and Wellbeing: Interview with Lachlan Stuart

Mindset for Fitness and Wellbeing: Interview with Lachlan Stuart

We caught up with Lachlan ‘Lachie’ Stuart to talk about how important mindset is when it comes to fitness and overall well-being. Lachlan is the founder of The Man That Can Project which is a men’s personal breakthrough company dedicated to helping men find confidence, find their authentic selves, and adopt a ‘man that can’ mindset. Here’s a bit about Lachlan as well as some life-changing tips that can help you succeed both in and out of the gym.

The Man That Can Project

Tell us a little bit about yourself and The Man That Can Project…

I grew up in a smallish town where I got to spend a lot of my time outdoors… this is where my passion for being active began. I grew up focused on being a professional athlete, have been a nationally placed 400m & 800m runner and pursued a career in rugby. After that ended I felt lost as that had been my identity up until that point. After hitting rock bottom of the back of excessive alcohol consumption & drug use. I committed to changing my life around. 

That’s where my journey to taking ownership for my life began. Over the years I had more men asking how I changed certain things in my life which eventually led to founding The Man That Can Project in 2018.

I founded it because it’s what I needed when I felt stuck. I needed to understand that success came in many ways and the journey to creating that is unique. I wanted access to men from all walks of life who were prepared to share their stories.

TMTCP is focused on empowering men to take ownership for their lives so they can create a life they are excited to live. This is already having a ripple effect into other aspects of men’s lives.

I put everything into this project. All of my lived experience, tools & resources I have learned plus building an empowering community.

What drives you personally to be physically fit and why is this important for your mental health?

I’m driven to be physically fit because I believe our fitness impacts our quality of life. If I am strong & feel strong I feel more confident in everyday life. This also allows me to see progress which is very motivating. I believe the effect of being physically healthy and the ripple effect of feeling strong, confident & fulfilled boosts my mental health.

Do you have any rules or guidelines when it comes to goal setting – whether fitness, career, family, etc.?

Yes. I am brutally honest with myself about where I am in relation to the end goal. This allows me to work out what the next steps are for me. Then I create the plan (process) that will give me the best chance of achieving the outcome (nothing is guaranteed). I also am prepared for challenges & setbacks to occur.

Finally, I think about the impacts (positive/negative) working towards & achieving this goal will have on my overall lifestyle. Far too many people don’t take that into account and get frustrated when other aspects of their lifestyle suffer. Ask yourself…How do I want my overall lifestyle to look?

When struggling with motivation, do you have any tips or suggestions to regain momentum?

When struggling with motivation I look for a small win. I am personally motivated by progress (which is why I love to track most things I do). Whatever you are struggling with motivation ask yourself “For what purpose is this important to me?” Then get clear on why the process is valuable and find ways to focus on the small wins.

When it comes to physical fitness, how can you ensure you achieve the results you desire?

Take into account lifestyle factors. Sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, enjoyment, support network & alcohol consumption. It’s hard to improve what you don’t track. I track the things that I know/believe will give me a better shot of achieving my goals.

Why and how do you think relationships are important to your well-being?

Having a sense of belonging through love & connection is huge. The reason why so many of us constantly compare ourselves to others is we want to fit in. If we have relationships with like-minded individuals who empower, support & challenge us to be our best we feel like we belong to something bigger than ourselves. It gives us purpose. Like everything good… relationships take a lot of work.

When it comes to achieving goals both inside and outside of the gym, do you have any ‘rules to live by’ to offer?

Be consistent, remain focused & be prepared to sacrifice.

You can contact Lachlan at lachie@themanthatcanproject.com

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