Morning Workouts Vs Evening Workouts

Morning Workouts Vs Evening Workouts

They say the early bird gets the worm but is that true when it comes to your workout or training program? It’s a question that’s been debated for years – are morning workouts better than afternoon workouts? Or should you save that weightlifting session for the end of your day for the biggest benefits? Is there really a right answer? 

When it comes down to it, there is science backing the effects of working out during specific times of the day, but really – the best workout is the one that you actually accomplish. The most beneficial workouts are the ones that make you feel good and that you are excited to do. Plain and simple. 

Given the fact that the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do, as long as you’re going to the gym – you’re good. However, let’s break down some benefits and pros to training during specific times of the day to accomplish your fitness goals. Should you hit the pavement first thing in the morning? Or do some rounds at the gym after work? Keep reading and find out which types of benefits you can expect from both. 

Morning workout pros and benefits

  • You get it out of the way. Many people prefer working out first thing in the morning because it’s off your plate and you have the rest of the day for whatever else you need to do. By working out right when you wake up, you won’t have to dread the gym after a long, hard day at work. 

  • Your body is prepped and ready to go. Right after sleeping, your body has had optimal time for recuperation and recovery. This means your body has repaired the muscles you used yesterday and converts food into energy for the following day – energy ready to be spent right away for your training session. 

  • Higher testosterone levels. Testosterone is the hormone that fuels muscle gains and energy – and it happens to skyrocket in the morning. In fact, levels are generally around a third higher than normal. 

  • Better sleep at night. Studies have shown that those who lift heavy weights early in the morning find it easier to fall asleep at night. Not to mention, have a higher production of human growth hormone. 

  • Increased metabolism. The British Journal of Nutrition reported that by doing your cardio workout first thing in the morning, your body burns 20% more fat throughout the day. 

  • More consistency. People who work out in the mornings tend to be more consistent with their training and even exercise more often than those who work out at other times of the day. Since consistency is key, early-risers tend to be leaner and fitter. 

Afternoon and evening workout pros and benefits

  • A more relaxed morning. By working out later in the day, your mornings won’t have to be filled with packing the gym bag and getting out of the house. Plus, you can take a real shower instead of an only slightly-satisfying one at the gym. 

  • You can blow off some steam. After a long, stressful day, sometimes there’s nothing better than a hard workout or heavy lifting session. By saving your exercise for the afternoon, it allows your body and mind to release some tension and blow off some steam. 

  • You’re already warmed up. Even though our bodies are refueled and ready to go in the morning, your body might be better prepared to work out later in the day. People tend to have more energy and are usually more flexible because they’re muscles are warmed up from moving around throughout the day. 

  • Lower cortisol levels. Cortisol – the muscle-eating stress hormone – is highest in the morning and normalizes in the evening. 

  • Higher anaerobic capacity. An afternoon or evening workout is the perfect time for you to aim for a strength PB. That’s because it’s been shown that your anaerobic capacity is 7% higher later in the day. 

  • Also better sleep. Despite the fact that some people believe an evening workout “warms up” the body and therefore wakes it up, it actually has the opposite effect. The raised body heat has been shown to act like a warm bath and promotes deep slumber. Just try not to workout 1-2 hours before you’re planning on hitting the hay. 

The important thing to remember is that with a consistent workout plan and staying nutritionally-focused, your fitness goals can be accomplished in no time. Find the time, stick with a plan, stay consistent, and you’ll stay on the path to success – no matter what time you get your workout in. 

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