Perfect Pairs - Frequently Bought Together Masterpieces!

Perfect Pairs - Frequently Bought Together Masterpieces!

A hand picked perfection of frequently bought together items!

We have listed our top items that are frequently bought together and are a match made in heaven. We'll kick it off with our best selling pair!

5.11 Tac-Tec Plate Carrier and Curved 4.5kg Weight Plates.

Our best selling pair brings you the ultimate in increased training levels and comfort. The Tac Tec Plate Carrier designed to keep you training longer without the bulkiness and movement (especially while running and skipping) of traditional weight vest. The Plate Carrier has taken the fitness industry by storm and isn't stopping anytime soon!

The curved plates are our newest plate addition and differ from standard flat plates due to their curvature. Great for push ups, burpees and general feel of wearing plates, the curved 4.5 kg (9kg in total) plates are a little more expensive than standard flat plates however, work every penny and feature a plastic mould with no sharp edges.

5.11 Crossfit Vest

Magnum Strikeforce 8" WP Boots and Stance Athletic Icon Black Socks

The Magnum Strikeforce 8" WP Boots feature a waterproof leather upper and hardwearing breathable mesh panels. These boots have quickly become a customer favourite as they offer a tonne of great features including Armorgel ankle impact protection, MPACT response insole for maximum comfort and shock absorption and high traction anti slip and oil resistant Michelin outsole.

Couple this with the moisture wicking, Air Channel Cushioning with added breathability and exceptional fit of the Stance Athletic Icon Sock, a days patrol will feel a breeze!

Decor 1lt Flask and 5.11 H20 Carrier

We don't think anything in our range fits better than these two items! As if they were made for each other, the Decor 1lt Flask fits perfectly into the 5.11 H20 Carrier minimising any movement in the pouch while still having enough room to remove the flask easily. Anyone who purchases a backpack definitely needs compliment it with these items.

Decor 1lt Flask

5.11 RUSH 24 Backpack and Camelbak 3lt MilSpec Reservoir (Short)

The 5.11 RUSH 24 Backpack is our best selling item for a reason! The multifunctional, durable pack is designed for a multitude of scenarios - from day trips to interstate trips, hunting and tactical scenarios, this should be a staple in any pack range.

Adding to all of this and complimenting the pack, the Camelbak 3lt Reservoir fits nicely into the hydration ready compartment of the RUSH 24 and adds to the multipurpose use of the pack.

5.11 RUSH 24 Backpack

This rounds off our Perfect Pairs and although these would be our most popular, there are a large variety of items suited to others on our site. Our item offerings are designed with this in mind. 

Should you ever have any questions regarding what item fits with another, our helpful customer service team is there to answer any questions!

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