REVIEW: 5.11 Tactical RUSH Delivery Lima Bag

REVIEW: 5.11 Tactical RUSH Delivery Lima Bag

5.11 Tactical is well-known for their impressive variety of durable, well-crafted tactical gear – from clothing to packs, they’re a brand you can depend on. The 5.11 Rush Delivery line of bags include the Mike, Lima, and X-Ray – named alliteratively by size. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the 12L ‘large’ Lima bag. 

On the outside of the bag, made with water-resistant 1050D Nylon construction, you’ll find MOLLE webbing, which is 5.11 SlickStick®, and TacTec System™ compatible. Move to the front of the 5.11 RUSH Delivery Lima and you’ll notice two small zippered pockets which are ideal for smaller items and electronics. Two Velcro strips will secure the front flap when it is down, and there are also additional buckles for additional security. 

Upon opening the front flap, there is an extensive array of pockets for administrative and smaller tactical gear. You’ll find two long pockets on either side of the bag, a smaller slot type of pocket which is perfect for a small flashlight, along with pen holders, business or ID card holders, and anything else you’ll need quick access to while wearing the bag. Midway up the front panel, there is another pocket which is secured with Velcro, and even further up is yet another pocket secured with a zipper. As you can tell so far, the 5.11 RUSH Delivery Lima has no shortage of storage space. 

For larger items like clothing, a laptop, emergency first aid, and other gear, there are larger pockets in the main compartment. Separated by a foam divider, the main compartment has built-in flat pockets within the walls as well. Storage is nearly endless in this practical and surprisingly efficient tactical messenger bag. The back of the 5.11 RUSH Delivery Lima is where you’ll find a two-way zipper and a hook-and-loop panel which opens a Velcro-lined pocket – and an area designed to host a handgun holster. 

Overall, 5.11 Tactical has designed a durable, versatile, and rugged pack that holds an impressive amount of gear. The non-slip cross-body stabilizing strap and removable shoulder strap allow you to wear or carry the bag comfortably for long periods of time – just more features to add to the long list of the RUSH Delivery Lima. For a well-designed tactical pack without an over-the-top militaristic look, this is the bag for you.

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