Review: Under Armour Jungle Rat Boots

Review: Under Armour Jungle Rat Boots

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve most likely heard of the Under Armour brand. Priding themselves on creating high-quality products for the athlete, they’ve expanded their line to include a tactical boot called the Under Armour Jungle Rat.

The Under Armour Jungle Rat boots are practical and functional but certainly do not lack in design and style. The tactical boots are offered in three different color options of black, desert sand, and coyote brown–making them a perfect choice for hunting, hiking, and blending in with dirt and natural surroundings. Jungle Rat’s won’t be catching anyone or anything’s eye as you’re traipsing through the forest, desert, or mountainside. These 20cm high tactical boots are very lightweight at just 0.50kg per boot, preventing your legs from tiring out during long hikes or vigorous activities. Chances are, if you are in need of tactical boots, you’ll be on your feet for long periods of time, so, a lightweight boot is crucial for your comfort. The last thing you want to deal with is heavy boots in addition to all of your heavy equipment.

Speaking of comfort–Under Armour’s Micro G Foam technology can be found midsole for cushioning and superb shock absorption, making them have a sneaker-like feel compared to other boots on the market. Not surprising due to Under Armour’s track record with creating comfortable shoes for the athlete. Walking along rugged and rough terrain can take a severe toll on your feet and legs. Proper cushioning and shock absorption will allow you to continue on your mission or adventure for long periods of time without worrying about sore feet at the end of the journey. Of course, a proper fit will also contribute to your comfort as well. Under Armour has also considered your health in addition to your comfort by adding odor-free and anti-bacterial technologies in their Jungle Rat tactical boots’ insoles. Long hikes can cause your feet to sweat, making your boots a breeding ground for bacteria and unpleasant odors. The Under Armour Jungle Rat insoles can be removed for easy washing.

Made with suede leather and nylon uppers, the Jungle Rats are not only durable, but they’re water resistant and have been treated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) technology. Your tactical boots should be strong and durable enough to withstand brushing against rocks, branches, or anything else you might find in a harsh and natural environment–this is precisely what Under Armour had in mind for the design of the Jungle Rat. As far as their water resistance, feel free to venture out into any condition you’d like—no need to worry about fungus, bacteria, or damage to your feet due to wet conditions. Despite their extreme water resistance, the Jungle Rat boot has ventilation holes for proper air ventilation.

Given the 20cm high boot, there are reinforced pull tabs to assist you in pulling them on with ease—no need to worry about tearing or ripping when pulled with force. The height of the boot provides protection against knicks and scrapes while you’re hiking or out in the field–not to mention, protection against ticks, mosquitos, or snakes. The length of the shoelaces allows the wearer to either lace them all the way to the top or leave the top eye unlaced, wrapping the remaining lace around your ankle. The Jungle Rat design boasts rubber outsoles providing strong and stable traction, making them suitable for just about any terrain imaginable. Steep inclines, loose stone paths, mud, river beds, and rough terrain are no match for Under Armour’s boot.

The many features that Under Armour offers in their Jungle Rat tactical boot make them a cut above the rest. Given their sneaker-like comfort, durability, and protection–the competition just doesn’t stand a chance. These rugged boots were built for every tough activity you can imagine while providing a design that makes them classy enough to wear day-to-day. Whether it’s for duty or leisure–the Under Armour Jungle Rat boots will dependably and comfortably get you through it all for just $199.00 AUD!

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