Spartan Race Hurricane Heat 12 Hour - Kit List

I have been asked the question a few times now as to what gear I will have/be wearing at this Saturday’s Spartan Race Hurricane Heat 12 Hour. Below I have listed the key items and also a couple of “pack hacks” (stole that phrase from Yosti). By no means is this all you should be wearing or take with you (or even the perfect gear for the event) - only a guide as to what I will be with.



Nitecore HA20 Headlamp

Overview - The Nitecore HA20 Headlamp is perfect sized 300 lumen torch at a reasonable price of $89.90. I chose this headlamp because of comfort and the overhead strap, which I have found comfortable while running (as opposed to the single strap around the head). Another key benefit sits in the housing as Nitecore have managed to effectively transit the heat from the LED to its exterior.

Output & Runtime

  • Ultra Low - 1 lumen 160h
  • Low - 30 lumens 17h
  • Mid - 90 lumens 5h 45min
  • High - 160 lumens 2h 30min
  • Turbo - 300 lumens 1h 45min

Due to the number of us running the event I can’t see a need in running any lumens above 90. I would say I would be on 30 lumens most of the time.


Tactical Source AUS Fitness Tee

Overview - The Tactical Source AUS Fitness Tee is a lightweight 150gsm, 65/35 cotton/polyester masterpiece. The tee is slim fitting and provides great mobility when working out (and it looks cool). These are valued at $39.90. I will have some of these with me on the day however, Tactical Source is currently out of size L in both colours.

Virus Stay Cool Sleeveless Compression V Neck

Overview - Why sleeveless? There is something about having double sleeves that I can’t get comfortable with. The stay cool in the Virus compression range is perfect for those who heat up easily. The Virus Compression Top will regulate your body’s surface temperature by up to 5 Deg C. For those wondering if this garment will make you feel the cold during the early hours of Sunday morning, my answer is no. I have worn it in both hot and cold climates and wouldn’t run an event like this without it (or some sort of compression top).

G-Shock GA100MM

All the benefits of G Shock GA100 series - shock resistant, magnetic resistant, 200 meter water resistant, auto LED light with afterglow etc etc - and it looks good! I won’t be looking at my watch that often so I don’t think this is an important item for the event - last thing I want is to think its 6:45am and look down at 2:37am!



Firstly, both the Tasmanian Tiger and 5.11 Packs are great for running these events. I lean towards Tasmanian Tiger backpacks because I have trekked with both packs and can hands down say, for me at least, that the Tasmanian Tiger packs excel in longer treks. If you’re looking for a day/travel pack with organisational capabilities, you can’t go past the 5.11 RUSH series and this would be my choice every time. Horses for courses!

Tasmanian Tiger Patrol Vent Pack

Overview - The Tasmanian Tiger Patrol Vent pack is designed for longer treks/events and weight dispersion in mind. It makes 16kgs feel like 10kgs by sitting most of the weight on your waist - if you can hold a backpack upright by the waist straps you know you have a great pack on your hands. As stated above, the organisational capabilities of the Patrol Pack are very minimal although the two external front pockets feature separate meshed zip compartments inside.

5.11 H2O Carrier

Overview - Staying hydrated is essential and the 5.11 H2O Carrier integrates with MOLLE providing an ideal hydration option. I will be running two of these (one on either side of my pack) with different hydrating options in each. Note: See below for pack hack #1.

5.11 6 x 6 Med Pouch 

Overview - The 5.11 Med Pouch integrates with MOLLE and is a quick and efficient option, when mounted to the outside of your pack, to a first aid solution. Internal organisational pockets allows you to set up your first aid pouch as desired.

PACK HACK #1 - Mount the H2O carriers upside down to the side of your packs. The benefit of this is that you will be able to remove your bottles a lot easier while mobile. Make sure you practice clipping the 5.11 H2O Carrier buckle with one hand prior to the event.

PACK HACK #2 - We can all thank Max for this! If you’re running a Tasmanian Tiger backpack I would suggest sitting the bladder in the top external front pocket of the pack. This will give you easy and quick access to the bladder when refilling or needing to adjust. The 5.11 RUSH backpacks come with a separate hydration pocket so I would leave it in that.


Virus Bioceramic Compression Tech Pants

Overview - The Virus Bioceramic Compression V2 Tech Pants was specifically designed for the high endurance athlete. The Bioceramic fabric has been engineered to provide natural compounds that emit far infra-red therapy directly from the fabric. Far infra-red compounds include oxides of zirconium, aluminium, zinc, titanium and antimony. Combined, these elements are known to help improve circulation, repair and regenerate overworked tissues, muscles and nerves, reduce inflammation and decrease pain. To cut a long story short - I would not run this event without them!



Inov-8 Terraclaw 250

Overview - I was tossing up between the Inov-8 TerraClaw 220 and TerraClaw 250 and decided for a little more cushion at the heal. The 8mm drop and 16mm/8mm stack heights offer more underfoot for longer miles events.

5.11 ABR Training Sock

ABR Training Socks feature multiple cushioning zones to maximize comfort, plus compression zones and a compression arch band for superior support. Made from high-performance polyester, with copper thread for odor control properties, these socks wick moisture and keep your feet cool, dry, and secure.


Remember its better to have more than be left short! See you all at the start line!

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