Style meets Functionality - 5.11 Defender Flex Pants

Style meets Functionality - 5.11 Defender Flex Pants

We've all heard the saying "Tactical is Practical" and in most cases this is true. What tends to happen when you wear a 'Tactical' orientated item that is practical, it often falls well short in the style department. Thankfully, 5.11 Tactical have come up with the 5.11 Defender Flex Pants. As we head to a more style conscious tactical gentleman, the Defender Flex Pants are perfect for your tactical, everyday and covert environments. What sets these apart from the rest? Read below to find out!

5.11 Defender Flex

Style & Fabric

The 5.11 Defender Flex Pants are available in a straight and slim fit cut and a jean and twill fabric versions. For the more style conscious (in our offices at least) the slim fit versions are great! For those looking for a more relaxed fit with a bit of room the the straight is your way to go. Either way, between the straight and slim cuts, twill and jeans version there is a pair for you!

When you first slip in to a pair the fabric feels soft and durable. A little heavy for warmer days however perfect as we head into the cooler months. The stretch fabric is a nice touch and noticeable straight away. The Defender Flex Jeans are a cotton/polyester blend fabric Lycra T400 Tough Max - which the manufacturer claims to be tougher than regular denim. The Defender Flex Pants are a cotton/poly/elastane composition giving them a smoother finish. Jeans and pants are identical (aside from the fabric).

The pants also feature 2" belt loops, large enough to accomodate a duty belt and the stretch fabric is great for covert work allowing for concealed carry firearm holsters.

5.11 Defender Flex Pants - Slim


This is where they stand out! The back features four pockets two standard back pockets and two just above, slightly to the outside of the pant. The two pockets which sit above are great for phones (amazing actually) - these are designed for magazines. They sit on the outside of the pant so when you're sitting down you are not sitting on your phone - easily fits an iPhone 8Plus with an Otter Box Commuter Case. 

The front features your standard front two pockets plus a smaller pocket on the inside of the right hand pocket. While these pockets are usually designed to fit two 20c coins and thats it, 5.11 have designed this pocket large enough to easily fit a Leatherman Wave with room to spare.

5.11 Defender Flex Pant - Slim

Our Thoughts

Great pair of pants/jeans. Can be used for a variety of tasks such as range days, covert/undercover wear, office wear, outdoor excursions, construction and trade and more! The amount of pockets make it great for all the essentials and some.

Available for only $99.90 - you can't go wrong. Click here to find out more.

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