Perfect Sized Pack for ONLY the Essentials - Tasmanian Tiger Essential Pack!

My family and a couple of friends had recently planned a trip to the zoo. So you get you a clear picture of the scenario I will be in, I will outline a few important points; in total six kids under seven years, four adults, scorching summer heat and full day of walking and carrying. I needed a pack that was light, hydration ready and could carry only the essentials. The 5.11 Tactical RUSH 12 Backpack would usually be my go to bag for a day out like this however, I would find myself adding in extra items to fill the bag.

Enter the Tasmanian Tiger Essential Pack. It's best to start with what the Essential pack is all about - exactly what it's name suggest 'The Essentials'.

Tasmanian Tiger Essential Pack

The Tasmanian Tiger Essential Pack is not ideal for anything more than a day however it works great for a daily outing. The layout of the pack is pretty basic although does come hydration ready and with plenty of MOLLE webbing which enables you to customise to your liking. Two adjustable webbing straps enables the pack to tighten to your gear and/or carry a jumper on the outside if desired. Overall construction of the outside is nothing short of what you would expect from Tasmanian Tiger - excellent! The pack also features an adjustable chest strap if desired.

Tasmanian Tiger Essential Pack

The inside of the Tasmanian Tiger Essential was larger than I thought. You can easily fit an iPad, laptop a couple of books and some food in there if required. The hydration bladder would take up a bit of room although an added MOLLE hydration pouch would be enough hydration for this pack. If you're like me and don't often run hydration packs, the hydration pouch located inside the Tasmanian tiger Essential Pack is great for adding gear you may want separated from other items inside the pack. In terms of tactical, you can easily fit a few mags, ammo, flashlight and a knife in the pack. The Tasmanian tiger Essential Pack is a 9L 

What sets the Tasmanian Tiger Essential Pack up as an ideal day pack is the amount of MOLLE found on this 9L pack! The pack features two rows of MOLLE on the sides and five rows on the front. As the Essential Pack doesn't feature a separate compartment than the main, I would suggest adding a Tasmanian Tiger Tac Pouch 4 or a Tasmanian Tiger Tac Pouch 5 to the pack for that added space if needed. 

Tasmanian Tiger Essential Pack

Conclusion: A great day pack for the office, gym, school, hunting and of coarse the zoo! Only downside is that the pack doesn't feature another pocket/compartment although this has been sorted with the amount of MOLLE available.

The Tasmanian Tiger Essential Pack is offered in black, coyote and khaki. Shop here --> Tasmanian Tiger Essentials Pack Mk II

The pack also comes in a larger 15L version - shop here --> Tasmanian Tiger Essentials Pack L

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