Gloves That Fit Like A Glove - 5.11 Station Grip Gloves.

I would be surprised if you found me a cheaper, longer lasting, more comfortable and durable everyday glove than the 5.11 Tactical Station Grip Gloves. They're a steal at only $29.90.

Before writing this blog our aim was to put the 5.11 Station Grip Gloves through their paces and that we did! From warehouse work to hunting to bricklaying, we used and used these gloves and couldn't fault them!

The 5.11 Tactical Station Grip Gloves feature solid construction that stands up to the toughest tasks! The palm and fingers offer excellent protection against sharps while still maintaining an amazing level of dexterity. The back of the 5.11 Station Grip Gloves feature comfortable and flexible padding and an elastic wrist closure which fits well on any hand. Sometimes you forget you have them on.

Where I feel the 5.11 Station Grip Gloves excel is during times of hard physical labor. While in the bush these gloves held up beyond expectation when using an axe, hammer or moving logs to the camp fire. They also work quite well on the range as I have found them to absorb recoil quite well.

To conclude I will say one thing, the 5.11 Station Grip Gloves do run a little small so I would recommend a size up when purchasing. Other than that, you can't go wrong with a pair of $29.90 gloves that are durable, comfortable and last as long as these do.

5.11 Tactical Station Grip Gloves

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