REVIEW: 5.11 AMP Backpacks

REVIEW: 5.11 AMP Backpacks

More and more brands are taking note that consumers are wanting the toughness, durability, and versatility of a military-style bag without their pack looking extremely ‘tactical’ – and 5.11 has nailed this concept with their AMP Backpack Series. The All Missions Pack (AMP) line finds a happy medium between their RUSH backpack series, which includes some of the most popular tactical bags on the market, and their DART series, which are discrete, light-weight, and compact. The 5.11 AMP series offers users large carrying capacities with a sleek look that doesn’t draw attention. 5.11 makes their AMP series in a variety of sizes, the names denote trip duration by hours (10, 12, 24, and 72) – more on this below. 

As the name of the series indicates, each All Missions Pack can be used for nearly every situation imaginable – tactical or not. Whether you’re using it as a laptop or commuter bag or using it as a heavy-duty bug-out bag, these bags can be both “overt and covert,” says 5.11’s designer Scott Lambert. Every AMP backpack is built with water-resistant 500D nylon and is reinforced with a 1000D nylon base. The clamshell full-opening of the main compartment has quad-zip zippers, giving the user the option to open from the side, top, or undo the entire pack. Color choices include black, Ranger Green (darker green),, Kangaroo (darker brown), and Tungsten (blue-gray). 

Each pack is extremely versatile thanks to the rear panel that can be swapped out for other modular gear sets. Rather than having permanently attached webbing, the AMP series boasts a large area of hook-and-loop material as well as buckles – allowing the user to attach various pouches, panels, and other gear. By default, every AMP pack includes a HEXGRID Gear Set, which fits with MOLLE-compatible pouches and accessories in multiple orientations (vertically, horizontally, or angled). 

Here is a look at each size and capacity:

  • AMP10 - For short, partial-day trips. 20-litre capacity.
  • AMP12 - For longer, partial-day trips. 25-litre capacity. 
  • AMP24 -  For overnight trips. 32-litre capacity. 
  • AMP72 - For 2- to 3-day trips. 40-litre capacity. 

The biggest difference in bags is the built-in aluminum frame in the AMP72 bag. It is connected to the shoulder straps via adjustable load lifters and this will make a world of difference when carrying heavy loads for long periods of time. Instead of feeling any strain on your neck, shoulders, and back – your legs and core can support the bag with much more ease. Another added benefit to the AMP72 pack is a hip belt which helps spread the weight of your bag across your hips, taking the tension and stress off your shoulders – a major perk when using this 5.11 series as your bug-out bag. 

Every 5.11 AMP bag is well-thought-out, sleek, and modernized – everything you need in a tactical bag without looking to ‘militaristic’. Choose a size for whatever mission or goal you’re trying to accomplish – the AMP10 and AMP12 are great for day hikes and commuting, the AMP24 is ideal for an overnight hike or trip, and the AMP72 is an excellent choice for hunting, backpacking, days at the range, or for mid-size bug-out bag. 5.11 has certainly crafted a bag for everyone – tactical or not – with their versatile AMP series.

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